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"Трое суток шагать, трое суток не спать ради нескольких строчек в газете..."

Роби як я!


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Serzh84: Звідки ви мене знаєте?

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Над прірвою у житі
Шапці подобається)
Кудлата ледве не впала в греблю
муа же сві бон
Ніка рятується від спеки
Сяду на пенек, съем пирожок
Після купання як мара горохова
Принцеса полів
Принцеса полів
Сєрж аграрій-хлібороб (пивороб?:-)
Доярка из Хацапетовки
Світла в соняхах
Шапка рве агрус
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Слюни потекли, пойду яблочко погрызу, в холодильнике растёт.
Неужто нету ни села ни дачи?
Есть. Яблоки в холодильнике оттуда. Кошка вчера окотилась двумя котятами. Великое деле мобилки, в смысле поступения информации. Я вроде как ремонт в своей квартире делаю. меня в покое оставили. Пью пиво сколько душа захочет, думаю с чего начать ремонт. Потом схожу опять за пивом, опять думаю, ХБ помогает.
Ремонт - дело тонкое и никогда не прекращающееся. Гипсокартон всему голова)
Кульни фото .Аргус-шо такэ,крыжовник шоле?
Не аргус, а агрус. Я не знаю шо таке крижовник. Може й воно
А ,ну то всэ може)я по листочку ориентировалась)
Нібито крижовнік ваш москальський, то є укр-й агрус (г дзвінка)
где вы такие стремные тряпки накупили? в какой дыре для нищих?
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The Dallas Mavericks use their No. 6 Champions Jason Kidd Jersey lottery pick to take a hulking post presence from Michigan named Robert Traylor. Tractor is his nickname, befitting a body type that blocks out the sun.

He Dirk Nowitzki Finals Jersey is a Jason Terry Jersey Maverick long enough to Authentic Shawn Marion Jersey try on a team cap. Then he is traded immediately for Milwaukee's No. 9 Sell Jason Kidd Jersey pick; a young, lanky and promising German kid named Dirk Shawn Marion Jersey Authentic Nowitzki.

Thirteen years later, Dirk Nowitzki Jersey Mavericks we are in Shawn Marion Jersey Swingman May of NBA Jason Terry Jersey 2011, being Jason Kidd Jersey Swingman given a lesson on how fate can smile or sneer, depending on its whim.

This is the spring of Jason Kidd Jersey Nowitzki's life. A Adidas Jason Kidd Jersey remarkable playoff Jason Terry Authentic Jersey performance has Jason Terry Jersey Mavericks driven Jason Kidd Authentic Jersey him to the NBA Finals, where he seeks a championship to cap off a Hall Buy Jason Terry Jersey of Fame career. "I don't play" he Jason Terry Jersey Champions said the Basketball Jason Kidd Jersey other day, "for Jason Kidd Jersey Finals anything else."

Robert Traylor's funeral Swingman Dirk Nowitzki Jersey was last Jason Terry Jersey Authentic week.

We can let numbers do the talking on what Jason Terry Finals Jersey Nowitzki has been Jason Kidd Finals Jersey up to. Actually, they're loud enough to drown out a Jason Terry Jersey Swingman 747.

There's the 28.4 scoring average this postseason. The 51.7% shooting. And, if possible, never foul the guy. He has made 85 of his last 88 free throws, 59 of 61 in the Oklahoma City series, 24 of 24 in one game.

His fourth-quarter pyrotechnics Dirk Nowitzki Jersey Swingman are a major reason the Mavericks broke Oklahoma City's hearts with Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki Jersey their persistent rallies. In the Jason Kidd Jersey Authentic final five minutes Finals Jason Terry Jersey of regulation in Games Jason Kidd Jersey Champions 4 and 5, Dallas outscored the Thunder 32-8.

"I'm glad," teammate Shawn Marion Official Jason Terry Jersey said of Nowitzki, "he's on my side."

Never underestimate the power of a second Jason Terry Champions Jersey chance. Nowitzki is still driven by the memory of the 2006 Finals, when Dallas blew a kuaiji 2-0 Basketball Shawn Marion Jersey game lead against Miami and his offense melted Official Dirk Nowitzki Jersey as the series went along. He shot Jason Kidd Champions Jersey 20-for-55 in the last three defeats.

All that Swingman Jason Terry Jersey will be permanently deleted if the Mavericks can dispose Mavericks Jason Kidd Jersey of one last Mavericks Jason Terry Jersey opponent.

This seems so perfect Jason Terry Swingman Jersey for Nowitzki. NBA Jason Kidd Jersey A chance to erase the stigma of Shawn Marion Jersey Dallas' recent first-round flame-outs, atonement for 2006, with his performance so far Finals Dirk Nowitzki Jersey a Mavericks Shawn Marion Jersey true tour de force. Watching him shred one defense after another, the public at large has been reminded just how good this guy is; a Dirk Nowitzki Jersey Champions 7-footer who buries Finals Jason Kidd Jersey jumpers like a three-point shooting contest phenom.

And it's Authentic Jason Kidd Jersey being done as part Jason Kidd Jersey Mavericks of a group effort by a pack of 30-somethings Sell Jason Terry Jersey who understand the fire Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks Jersey in Nowitzki. They, too, hunger for a championship before age plays the trump card.

"This is a bunch of veterans who want to play and are unselfish," he said.

Nowitzki will soon be 33, and the world never looked better.

Robert Traylor was 34 when Shawn Marion Swingman Jersey they found him Dirk Nowitzki Jersey Finals two weeks ago in a Puerto Rico apartment, Shawn Marion Jersey Mavericks apparently the victim Jason Terry Jersey Finals of a heart attack.

Traylor, fighting weight problems on the wrong side of 300 pounds much of his career, averaged 4.8 points in seven Jason Kidd Swingman Jersey journeyman seasons. When the NBA was no longer an option, he Jason Terry Jersey Champions took his Swingman Shawn Marion Jersey last hopes wherever Shawn Marion Mavericks Jersey there was a game to play. Puerto Rico, for example.

The obit includes considerable messiness. He landed in Official Shawn Marion Jersey the middle Sell Dirk Nowitzki Jersey of the infamous Michigan scandal Official Jason Kidd Jersey involving money from NBA Shawn Marion Jersey booster Ed Martin. Traylor's Michigan career was expunged. He had Authentic Jason Terry Jersey to surrender his MVP awards from the Swingman Jason Kidd Jersey 1997 NIT Champions Jason Terry Jersey and 1998 Jason Terry Mavericks Jersey Big Ten tournament.

So he had baggage to carry, both physically and with his past. But by all Dirk Nowitzki Champions Jersey accounts, he was a Shawn Marion Authentic Jersey gentle and Dirk Nowitzki Swingman Jersey generous man who grew up the hard way.

Nowitzki Basketball Dirk Nowitzki Jersey came from Jason Kidd Mavericks Jersey a town in Bavaria, and two parents who were high-level athletes.

Traylor Adidas Dirk Nowitzki Jersey came from the streets of Detroit, Buy Dirk Nowitzki Jersey and a mother taken down by crack.

Two players forever connected by a Buy Jason Kidd Jersey transaction, but with little else in common. Especially now.

Nowitzki waits for the Finals, and redemption. "This time hopefully we can finish the job," he NBA Dirk Nowitzki Jersey said Wednesday night. A Champions Dirk Nowitzki Jersey photo shows him holding up the Western Conference trophy, while Texas roars around him.

I looked up a recent Traylor photo, too. It was his casket, and next to it a picture of him Basketball Jason Terry Jersey celebrating the Big Ten title. He was smiling.

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